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Re: Frame 6.0 on XP--does not work for me!!!


You are absolutely correct that you must have the TrueType Symbol
font installed on your system. For better or for worse, it is part
of the “magic sauce” of Windows 2000 and Windows XP and you just
cannot get around it in any way with applications that rely on the
operating system for font services and PostScript generation. (Note
that applications that provide their own font services such as Acrobat,
Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. do not have this limitation.) To make
matters even more "interesting," Distiller actually embeds a double-byte
encoded version of the font, making it impossible to do substitutions
within Acrobat with the text touch-up tool or with third party
plug-ins such as Enfocus Pitstop. It is also true that this particular
limitation does not exist on the Macintosh, although there are other
in that environment.

In terms of printers or even GATF gurus who profess that TrueType fonts
or that a mixture of Type 1 and TrueType fonts (different names, of course)
in the same document are a “no-no,” don't get me started! The FACT is that
Adobe PDF, Adobe PostScript, and Adobe applications fully support TrueType
fonts. The so-called "mavens" who give advice against use of TrueType fonts
are NOT, repeat NOT giving you technically sound or accurate information.
It reflects a bias stemming from the late 1980s and early 1990s at which
time Microsoft AND Apple introduced TrueType as an alternative to the
Type 1 font technology in Adobe PostScript. Folks, the “font wars” of
that time have long been over! Fonts procured from major font foundries
in TrueType format will render ever bit as well as the equivalent face in
Type 1 format. Any “printer” or “prepress service provider” that refuses
content with TrueType fonts either (1) has ancient, obsolete versions of
various prepress PostScript preprocessing software packages and/or 
mismanaged or misconfigured software, RIPs, workflows, etc. or (2) is
exhibiting extreme technical ignorance, snobbery, or both. By the way,
the “TrueType is a ‘no-no’” cheering squad most often coincides with the
highly bigoted “we only work with content produced on a Mac” crowd.
In other words, you are dealing with vendors with either obsolete
hardware, obsolete software, obsolete training, or obsolete technical
political correctness.

Good night!

        - Dov

At 12/17/2001 03:48 PM, Gerald Ichikawa wrote:
>I think that I am alone in the world with an xp/framemaker compatibility
>problem. Just thought that I would pass it along to you just in case. Please
>forgive me if this sounds like whining but I have tried, and asked, and
>experimented, and spent countless hours looking up info and cannot get
>around this problem. I just got back from a microsoft seminar and some very
>knowledgeable people could not help me. If I want to stay in business it
>looks like I will be buying a Mac and repurchasing all my software.
>        I'm running frame 7 on a 1gig pc that operates on xp home edition.
>All software has latest updates, and current print drivers. I do prepress
>work for publishers who use pdf files to deliver final product to printers,
>mostly journal work in the sciences. The printer insists on pdf files that
>contain only type 1 fonts. I frequently have to use the math equation editor
>in framemaker in these files. Dov says (and microsoft people that I have
>talked to) that True Type Symbol must be in the system for it to work
>properly. This leads to the problem that whenever I make a pdf file that has
>math in it, true type symbol is embeded in the file. Preflight programs
>cannot remove true type symbol if it is embedded in these math equations,
>therefore I am left with a file that has both type 1 and true type fonts in
>it, which is a no-no according to the printer and info I received at a
>Graphic Arts Technical Foundation seminar I attended. Then again maybe this
>is not totally true--a possibility, but I don't have the printing experience
>to really know.
>        Perhaps most people who use this combination of programs never send
>files to printers, or the use of the math editor is not that common, so it
>is never an issue. If you do do these things it can be a major headache.
>Or... maybe I just have not stumbled upon the solution yet, but it is not
>for the lack of trying. The microsoft person that I talked with today is
>kicking the problem up to a higher level, so I might get an answer, but I
>really don't have my hopes up. Maybe there is a patch out there so acrobat
>would choose type 1 symbol when distilling, but I have not been able to
>locate it. Other than this one major problem the xp/frame combination works
>fine (I have also tried 6.0 and xp). Sorry for the rambling, hope you have
>better luck than me if you try this combination.
>Regards, Gerry Ichikawa
>::: -----Original Message-----
>::: I'm getting a new computer at work and I have the option to
>::: move from my
>::: present Windows 2000 Pro environment (on a desktop) to
>::: Windows XP Pro (on a Laptop).
>::: I wanted to check with the list if anyone has used
>::: FrameMaker 6.0 with
>::: Windows XP Pro and whether there are any issues there?

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