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How to eliminate Times Roman from equations? (almost but not quite!)


I'm trying to clean up the font usage in our documents because we produce
PDFs and it's always good to keep fonts under control (so we know exactly
what is embedded and where it's coming from).  We're using FrameMaker 5.5.6
NT (just like the bumper sticker says, "Don't laugh--it's paid for!").

Our template uses Garamond Book (Type 1 PS) for the equation fonts (in
italic and roman style).  We have a couple of character styles with Garamond
Book, and these are specified in the equation fonts section of the equation
designer/tool/whatsit . 

But I was still seeing Times New Roman in TrueType on PDF pages that
included equations (as well as Garamond Book and Symbol).  After a bit of
trial and error, I figured out that common math characters such as + and =
were being rendered in Times New Roman; more esoteric math characters such
as the times sign (x) were done in Symbol.

A check of the Adobe supportbase was helpful, pointing me to the
mathchar.cfg file, which determines the font in which math characters are
rendered--mostly set to Symbol, but some are set to Times.

I replaced all occurences of Times with Garamond-Book in this file.

This appears to work, with plus, equals, etc. coming out in correct Garamond
Book.  Unfortunately, there is at least one exception: if I do an equation
in the form of "A over B"


then the PDF also contains TrueType TimesNewRoman.  If I remove the fraction
form, then the PDF no longer reports TimesNewRoman.  Now the line ("fraction
bar" or "division bar") looks like just a line to me!

I have tried random other operators and "large" items, and so far only that
vertical-format fraction results in Times New Roman.  (The other operators
do result in mystery fonts such as TTE1Bo00 and TTE1Eo00.)  Functions such
as "asin" and "log" are in Garamond-Book as they are supposed to be.

So....any ideas how I can remove TimesNewRoman from the fraction bar (and
wherever else it may be lurking)?

Ed (sooooo close, but....) Treijs

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