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ANN: Albany, NY Open FrameMaker Class

Adobe FrameMaker Basic Class
When: January 29, 30 & 31.
Where: CDPHP, Training Room B
       Patroon Creek Corporate Center
       1223 Washington Ave
       Albany NY 12203-1057
Instructor: Dennis Hays
Fee: $750 per person
Second (and additional) persons from the same company only $675.
Includes course materials and a copy of FrameMaker 7: The Complete
Reference by Sarah S. O'Keefe and Sheila A. Loring
See: http://www.haysdesign.com/framemaker.htm for syllabus, additional
information and to register.
If you have any questions regarding the training, please contact:

Dennis Hays
Day Phone: 518-473-2579
Mobile Phone: 518-331-3232


 Dennis Hays 
 Telephone: +1 518.479.4220
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