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Re: Distiller -- Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: Adobe_cshow ]


Some thoughts ...

(1) How were the .EPS files from Visio 2000 created? EPS files exported
directly from Visio 2000 are at best somewhat unreliable and flakey. If
you exported EPS from a PDF file created from your Visio file, it is
possible that you either forgot to embed one or more fonts in the PDF
file or chose (or didn't properly set) EPS export options from Acrobat.

(2) JPEG format is a lossy image format, the LAST format that you should
ever use for content from Visio which is a vector & text diagramming

(3) The fact that the problem still occurred after your "conversion"
(i.e., extreme degradation) of your Visio graphics would normally mean
that the problem isn't from that content at all. I suspect, though, that
one of your files is still the .EPS, in which case, see (1) above.

(4) The other alternative is that the base text in your FrameMaker
document is attempting to access a font that you either don't have
installed (but you thought it was installed on your computer because
it was resident on a printer itself and the PPD for the printer vouches
for it) or that cannot be embedded in your final PDF file.

        - Dov

At 12/16/2002 09:30 AM, Paul Turner wrote:
>My FrameMaker chapter files contained imported .eps files, which I created
>from Visio 2000. I think that they caused the Distiller Adobe_cshow
>errors. So, I converted the Visio files to jpegs. The Distiller problem
>I'm using FrameMaker 6.0 and am printing using the Distiller driver.
>Please help!
>Thanks in advance,
>Paul Turner

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