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Re: Multiple Versions

Note that simultaneous installations of multiple versions of FrameMaker
on a single system is not recommended although it generally can be made
to work. Unless you know how to hack around with system settings, the
last version of FrameMaker to be installed (in time) is the version that
"owns" the .FM and other FrameMaker file suffixes. You can open documents
in the "other" versions of FrameMaker by launching the desired version and
doing File=>Open.

FrameMaker bundles part of Acrobat (i.e., the Distiller) in recent versions.
Be careful what you install based on what you currently have installed in
terms of Acrobat or you will find your Acrobat fully bunnystomped upon!

Best choice is to have separate systems for these different versions.

        - Dov 

At 12/16/2002 04:16 PM, Val Swisher wrote:
>I currently have Frame 5.5.6 and Frame 6.0 installed on my Windows 2000 machine. I am about to install Frame 7.0.
>Does anyone have experience with running 3 versions of Frame on the same machine? Any gotchas?
>I wish I could take of one of the versions, but one of my clients still uses 5.5.6 (an important and very big client), everyone else uses 6.0, and a new client wants to use Frame 7.
>Thanks for your help!

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