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Re: No PDF Job Options Available

FrameMaker 7's "Save as PDF" feature specifically requires Acrobat 5.0.5
and its "fixed" Acrobat Distiller printer driver plugin if you don't install
the Distiller 5.0.5 that comes with FrameMaker 7. That may have been your problem.

        - Dov

At 12/5/2002 01:07 PM, Roger Shuttleworth wrote:
>Hi Dov
>Hold on while I just get my mind around that last bit...
>I believe I installed Acrobat 5.0, then FrameMaker 7.0, then the 5.05
>update. I'm not 100% certain; the order could have been 5.0, 5.05, then
>At no time did I allow Frame to install Distiller. I didn't want it to
>"bunnystomp all over my Acrobat installation," to quote a well-known
>Sorry I can't be more specific.
>> Roger,
>> By any chance did you have the full Acrobat 5.0.5 package installed
>> BEFORE installing FrameMaker 7? If so, did you let FrameMaker install
>> its own copy of Distiller 5.0.5? If you did not have the full Acrobat
>> 5.0.5 package installed before installing FrameMaker 7, did you let
>> FrameMaker 7 install Distiller 5.0.5 and then did you subsequently
>> install the full Acrobat 5.0.5 package without uninstalling the
>> Distiller 5.0.5 installed earlier?!?
>> (Yeah, I know that is quite a mouthful!)
>>         - Dov

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