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Re: Acrobat/Distiller Lost Bookmarks


Redistilling a PDF is done by effectively diverting the PostScript
print stream from Acrobat back to the Distiller. The fact is that
the PostScript created by Acrobat is designed for printing, only!
Acrobat does not output PDFMarks to represent all the options of
a PDF file that cannot be otherwise represented in PostScript.
Removing an image is better accomplished by clicking on the image
with the object touch-up tool in Acrobat and pressing the delete

        - Dov

At 12/5/2002 12:10 PM, Bijoux, Pascale wrote:
>Can anyone tell me why I lose my bookmarks when I redistill a PDF (yes, I
>know it's not customary but we have this one requirement to remove an image
>from a file that we don't want to change except for that image, this image
>is rendered through a plug-in used with Acrobat).
>Any ideas/solutions?
>OS: 2000 Pro
>FM 6
>Acrobat (full version) 5.0

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