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RE: What's the "dream machine" for running Frame?


It does NOT ignore all those properties. Whatever settings you
have for PostScript generation for ASCII/binary, gray settings,
resolution, fonts, etc. inherit from the Acrobat Distiller printer
instance. It overrides certain settings such as page size / orientation.

        - Dov

At 12/4/2002 01:55 PM, Sean Brierley wrote:
>Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
>That is way cool.
>I tested (of course, I'm a proof-in-the-pudding sort).
>Turning off spooling in the printer driver in does not
>change the fact that Distiller is using spooling.
>I'm glad I pushed this issue, I learned something
>cool. Now, more questions:
>What about TrueType fonts. In the Distiller printer
>driver properties, these substitute by default. I set
>these in the driver to download as softfonts.
>If Save as PDF ignores the printer driver properties,
>what is happening to my TTFs? I mean, clearly with
>Acrobat's limited inspection capability, I can see
>they are subsetted/embedded. Does Distiller's "Embed
>All Fonts" take care of that?
>What about creating binary-based files versus ASCII?
>Again, does the Distiller Advanced Options tab--where
>you turn off ASCII--take care of that also?
>You know, there still is one more thing you have to
>do: DOCUMENT this stuff. Talk to your technical
>writers. Truthfully, if the documentation had been
>solid previously, fewer folks would have had trouble
>with creating PDFs and Save as PDF in FM 5.5 and 6.0.
>So, take the time to document this feature in the FM 8
>P.S. ROFL! I will try to let others get a word in
>edgewise. <g>
>--- Isak Tenenboym <itenenbo@adobe.com> wrote:
>> so, hopefully, we'll fix a few more bugs,
>> especially, if you (not only you, Sean personally,
>> but all Framers) will continue to bug us with your
>> problems :)
>>         Isak.
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