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RE: What's the "dream machine" for running Frame?

Nope!           (8^(>

        - Dov

At 12/4/2002 02:10 PM, Sean Brierley wrote:
>Uuuuum, is there some documentation on this, so I
>don't clog up the list. Pretty much, my Distiller
>properties are set up per your past advice.
>I did test and spooling seems to be one of the items
>that is ignored, though.
>--- Dov Isaacs <isaacs@adobe.com> wrote:
>> Sean,
>> It does NOT ignore all those properties. Whatever
>> settings you
>> have for PostScript generation for ASCII/binary,
>> gray settings,
>> resolution, fonts, etc. inherit from the Acrobat
>> Distiller printer
>> instance. It overrides certain settings such as page
>> size / orientation.
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