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Re: HTML to Frame


What I do is import into Word, save as RTF, import into Frame 6.

Some say use Japanese RTF filter, but I have had little success with that - 
many crashes - but what has worked (still have to apply Frame tags) in 
Frame 6 is to use the Word RTF Filter and play with the dialog box that 
says "Import by Reference", select "retain original document formatting."

Yeah, I know it is not supposed to work, but I've had good luck with 
maintaining the basic formatting.

Be aware that you might find some strange upper 8 bit ASCII characters 
lurking when you do this, though.


Allen Schaaf
Technical writing

Despite direct awareness of what competition does to people..., some 
individuals persist in claiming that its effects are constructive.  This is 
a powerful example of how it is possible to adjust our beliefs so as to 
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to something terrible, that we have internalized a corrosive personality 
         Alfie Kohn
         "NO CONTEST - The Case Against Competition"

At 12:16 PM 2/21/02, Jason Aiken wrote:
>So far, I've received no responses to my queries on this subject. However, 
>this topic comes up a lot in the archives. Now that I've had time to 
>research the issue myself, I thought I'd respond to my own question for 
>the benefit of others. (I hope Free Framers stuff is archived somewhere.)
>It appears Netscape, IE, and other browsers have a "Save as text" feature 
>that saves HTML as plain text. It wouldn't be too tedious to open the text 
>in FrameMaker and then tag it as necessary. A more advanced filter would 
>be required to retain tagging. Plus, more recent versions of FrameMaker 
>(like the one sitting at home), are supposed to open XML. We've all heard 
>a lot about that, I believe.
>There's lots of interesting HTML filter stuff listed at: 
>Blueberry also has Filtrix filters for HTML and lots of information on 
>their site, but the last price I saw (from about 4 years ago) was around 
>Older versions of Blueberry filters (3-5 years ago) were considered 
>sub-standard and unhelpful in some advanced cases. Blueberry was once 
>willing to run test files and presently have a demo available for a free 
>download. I'm not sure if they still run test files for prospective 
>clients. Their filters likely retain some formatting or mapping of HTML 
>tags to Frame tags, adding some improvement to the "Save as text" feature.
>A German consulting firm, .riess, once had something called HTML-2-Frame. 
>The link provided to the product in the Framers archive is dead, but their 
>new home page is http://www.riess.de/flashintro.html . A search of their 
>website on "HTML-2-Frame" yielded no hits.
>There were also numerous reports of people working on perl filters and 
>EDD's for FM+SGML.
>Best regards,
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