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Re: History lesson (VERY LONG)

I wish Brad would excise all the text of the messages from these folks
whining about a little advertising -- cluttering up my mailbox with
blather -- and replace the text with ads.

The child-like logic of people who do NOTHING substantial to keep this list
in running order, and yet make ludicrous assertions that they have a right
to determine how the list is maintained (financially or otherwise) is not at
all endearing.

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From: "Stuart Burnfield" <stuartb@tpg.com.au>
To: "FrameUsers. com FrameMaker Discussion List"
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Cc: "Brad Anderson" <brad@FrameUsers.com>
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 9:16 AM
Subject: Re: History lesson (VERY LONG)

> If you think the framers list is useful and worthwhile, don't you
> think it's worth working to keep it that way?
> If a company (*) did own the list it would be a bad thing for the
> list and for us members. It would stop being the good thing we all
> enjoy and benefit from.
> Of course Brad *doesn't* own the list, and I suspect even he doesn't
> really believe he does. But if we let him continue to act as though
> framers is a commercial asset of his company, it will be just as
> bad for the list and for us as if he did own it.
> That's why many of us get uneasy each time Brad asserts ownership
> of the list (once subtly; now at last openly) or adds restrictions.
> That's why I think it's important that each time someone calls him
> on it, though I know many people find it mystifying and tedious
> (and not all of them are newcomers).
> So to settle this once and for all: (**)
>             B R A D  D O E S N' T  O W N  F R A M E R S
> ... therefore it would be a simple courtesy for him to clear any
> money-making ideas (***) with us rather than just dictating them.
> Ads are a side issue. If it's a question of , then fine,
> let's discuss it.
> I should say once again that I think Brad has done a good job over
> the years and deserves our consideration and support for any ideas
> to do with making the list work efficiently or helping to cover
> running costs.
> If you made it this far, thanks for your time.
> Regards
> ---
> Stuart Burnfield
> Gentoo Communications
> mailto:stuartb@tpg.com.au
> (*) Any company really; this isn't about Brad personally or his
>     company in particular.
> (**) Ho ho
> (***) Such as requiring us to register, then selling the details
>       (to pick one obviously outlandish idea)
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