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Re: History lesson (VERY LONG)

If you think the framers list is useful and worthwhile, don't you
think it's worth working to keep it that way?

If a company (*) did own the list it would be a bad thing for the
list and for us members. It would stop being the good thing we all
enjoy and benefit from.

Of course Brad *doesn't* own the list, and I suspect even he doesn't
really believe he does. But if we let him continue to act as though
framers is a commercial asset of his company, it will be just as
bad for the list and for us as if he did own it.

That's why many of us get uneasy each time Brad asserts ownership
of the list (once subtly; now at last openly) or adds restrictions.
That's why I think it's important that each time someone calls him
on it, though I know many people find it mystifying and tedious
(and not all of them are newcomers).

So to settle this once and for all: (**)

            B R A D  D O E S N' T  O W N  F R A M E R S

... therefore it would be a simple courtesy for him to clear any
money-making ideas (***) with us rather than just dictating them.

Ads are a side issue. If it's a question of , then fine,
let's discuss it.

I should say once again that I think Brad has done a good job over
the years and deserves our consideration and support for any ideas
to do with making the list work efficiently or helping to cover
running costs.

If you made it this far, thanks for your time.

Stuart Burnfield
Gentoo Communications

(*) Any company really; this isn't about Brad personally or his
    company in particular.

(**) Ho ho

(***) Such as requiring us to register, then selling the details
      (to pick one obviously outlandish idea)

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