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RE: Menu config question and graphics tip

Shlomo wins the prize with the most complete answer. To summarize:

The command is already available if you hold down shift and open in the
graphics menu.

To do what I want (have it there all the time, no shift required), you need
to do two things:
- in the menus.cfg file [not maker.cfg], disable this line: <ShiftCommand
GraphicsObjProps GraphicsPickObjProps> (remove the brackets or delete the
- add <Add GraphicsPickObjProps <Menu GraphicsMenu>> to the customui.cfg

For quick, painless enhancements, Shlomo's FM6 Express Customization Kit
can't be beat -- it's a free download:

> http://www.microtype.com/resources/FM6WinCustomXpress.zip (165k);
> description is at:
> http://www.microtype.com/resources/CustomFM6Win.pdf, 88K; 3 pages)

I still don't get why they've hidden this particular command ... there are
only a handful of "shift" commands, and this one is definitely the oddball

Thanks to everyone who responded.

Regards, Adam
Adam Korman
Senior Designer
Cooper Interaction Design

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