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RE: Enough Already! RE: Regarding the law: RE: Copyright in email postings

"RE: Enough Already!" -- How lame is that?
Sorry, but now I want to get my 2 cents in.

1st cent: Dozens of ideas I stole from these lists are or will be in
with my company's copyright on them, and I'm quite sure we don't owe any
of you anything but gratitude, because I used only your ideas, not your

2nd cent: I'm still looking for more ideas, so I subscribe to both lists.
MY only
problem with that is that when a message posts through both lists, the one
from Brad's commercial server with the extra lines tacked on always gets to
me before the one from Jeremy's free server, so I'm always archiving the
longer version. (At least the extra lines are at the end of the message --
other information sources I find worthwhile put their paid advertising on
Hmmm. You think it would help to complain?)

Don (anything below this line was no imposed on you by me)

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