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OT: Regarding the law: RE: Copyright in email postings

Hmmm... interesting opinions, Hedley and Dimitri, but they are not
necessarily the law. Even if they were the law in the Australia where you
live, Hedley, and/or the law in Russia where you live, Dimitri, that does
not mean they apply here in the USA where Brad is and where the list server
is located.  If any laws apply to what Brad can do, it would be US laws
because that's where the server is located.   I have seen many copyright
notices and software licenses (in my manuals over many years) that say
exactly that.

So, unless anyone can quote me a US law that says Brad cannot add up to 6
lines of text to the messages on this list, I'll assume he has the legal
right to do so.  And it doesn't matter to me anyway. I usually skip past all
ads.  The only time I actually look at ads is when I delete them when
replying to or forwarding messages. 

So, folks, let's be done with this issue and get back to real Frame topics. 



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Sixth, now that Brad intends to insert paid advertising in broadcast
messages, contributors may reasonably expect a share in the revenue from
those advertisments.  The members, by belonging to the list, constitute
a captive readership that Brad delivers to his advertisers.  But the
reason those readers subscribe to the list is not to read advertisements but
messages.  As creators of the content, contributors are entitled to
fees, just as recording companies are entitled to fees when radio stations
play copyright music [] .  
A good sample, thanks, Hedley. 
Legally talking there is an attempt to use commercially the people public
interest getting a free and informal help in some common sphere of interest
(Frame and Frame+SGML use specifically) like "sharing knowledge" and
"brainstorming" :-) ...

And I agree any writer has full rights to protect whole his/her message
against any adv additions and any commercial using.



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