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FrameMaker configuration

I have recently moved from Frame 5.5.6 on Unix to Frame 6.0 on Windows and
I have a configuration question.
When I use the 'Open' menu item from the 'File' menu and navigate to the
Folder containing the file I want to open, I get a display of all the files
in the folder. I can change the display to
show only the 'book' files, for example, by selecting the 'book' suffix
from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the 'Open'
dialog. This dropdown is set to 'All files' by default. Is there any way of
setting the default to show only the 'book' files when
the 'Open' menu item is selected from the 'File' menu. I was a Unix guru
until I was forced onto Windows and now I'm a

TIA, Walt Weaver

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