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Re: Landscape tables

At 03:44 PM 1/28/02 -0800, Irene Rush wrote:

>I have several large tables, originally made in Excel and printed in a Word
>doc.   I've converted the doc to Frame and now need to paste in the tables.

If the tables are in a Word doc that you converted to Frame, the tables 
should have been converted too. Why then are you attempting to paste the 
tables into Frame? Are you trying to copy a table out of Word or Excel and 
paste it into FrameMaker? That won't work. Or, are you pasting them as 
graphic objects?

>I can't get the tables in as landscapes and also get autonumbered table
>titles into the List of Tables.  At first I pasted the tables into a
>full-page anchored frame

The only reason you should be using an anchored frame is if you are pasting 
the tables as graphic objects. Is that what you're doing? If that's not 
what you're doing, then nothing you're doing makes any sense at all.

>, and added each table title in a text box pasted
>above its table.

Why do you think you need to put the title in a separate text box? If the 
anchored frame is anchored (as it should be) to an empty paragraph 
(hereafter called the anchoring paragraph) at the top of the page's body 
text frame, why can't you (using the appropriate table title paragraph tag) 
insert the table title paragraph above the anchoring paragraph in the body 
text frame?

>When I tried this, the table numbers did not increment

Of course they don't increment, because the text box containing the title 
is outside the main text flow.

>Then I tried creating a landscape table, but the title box stays
>at the top of the table in portrait orientation, even if I rotate the

If the table title is not typed into the body text frame (as I described 
above) , it's not going to rotate when the body text frame is rotated. The 
only thing that's rotated is the body text frame that is on the master page.

>  I tried following the directions in the Adobe manual for creating a
>landscape master page, but my table still wasn't oriented correctly.  I
>couldn't find an answer even in Tom N's usually helpful book.

Assuming you have FrameMaker 6.0, did you read "creating a rotated master 
page" on pages 289-290 of the User Guide? If you have an earlier version of 
FrameMaker, look in the index under Master pages, rotated, creating.

Take my word for it. It works. Here's how you should proceed, assuming you 
are pasting the tables as graphic objects:

1. Create a new special rotated master page as described in the User Guide, 
and apply that master page to the empty body page where the landscaped 
table is to be inserted. The body text frame on that page will be rotated 
90 degrees. Unrotate it (Format > Customize Layout > Unrotate Page).

2. The unrotated body text frame should be empty except for an empty 
paragraph at the top. Hit return to create a second empty paragraph 
(hereafter called the anchoring paragraph). Assuming that the table is 
being pasted as a graphic object, insert an anchored frame anchored to the 
empty anchoring paragraph, and paste the table into the anchored frame. 
Now, apply the appropriate   paragraph tag (TableTitle is the default) with 
the appropriate autonumbering setup to the paragraph above the anchoring 
paragraph, and type in the title.

3. When you're finished, Re-rotate the body text frame.

>Surely there must be a quick, logical way to put a table on a page in
>landscape orientation, with an autonumbered table title correctly oriented
>above it, while leaving the page headers and footers in portrait mode.

Yes, there surely is a logical way, and it surely does not involve creating 
autonumbered table titles in text boxes outside of (or on top of) body text 
Nor does it involve putting actual tables which are not graphic objects 
into anchored frames. And if those tables are, in fact, editable FrameMaker 
tables, then the place for the table title is within the table, either in a 
heading row, or in the table title object available in FrameMaker tables.

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