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Landscape tables

I am about to tear my hair out - and not just the grey ones! - trying to
solve this problem.

I have several large tables, originally made in Excel and printed in a Word
doc.   I've converted the doc to Frame and now need to paste in the tables.
I can't get the tables in as landscapes and also get autonumbered table
titles into the List of Tables.  At first I pasted the tables into a
full-page anchored frame, and added each table title in a text box pasted
above its table.  When I tried this, the table numbers did not increment
properly.  Then I tried creating a landscape table, but the title box stays
at the top of the table in portrait orientation, even if I rotate the
table.  I tried following the directions in the Adobe manual for creating a
landscape master page, but my table still wasn't oriented correctly.  I
couldn't find an answer even in Tom N's usually helpful book.

Surely there must be a quick, logical way to put a table on a page in
landscape orientation, with an autonumbered table title correctly oriented
above it, while leaving the page headers and footers in portrait mode.



Irene Rush
Writing, Editing, Indexing
2471 Tierra Drive, Los Osos CA 93402
805 534 9456

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