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Re: unavailable fonts

Interesting. This is the second occurrence of this issue this week!
The "Acrobat Distiller" printer driver instance effectively only supports
the fonts that you actually have installed on your computer, not fonts
that may be "resident" in a PostScript printer. Thus, the fonts that
are reported as "missing" when you switch to the Acrobat Distiller
printer instance probably are indeed missing!

The problem is that the printer driver fools the applications into
thinking that whatever fonts are resident in the printer are available
to them also, and substitution fonts are displayed. In your case, you
probably have a PostScript printer or two that have resident Helvetica.
But you probably don't have Helvetica installed on your computer.
If you are using Helvetica, you should install it on your computer system.

You may ask, how do avoid this nonsense of having phantom phonts 
reported back to your applications (not just FrameMaker, by the way)?
I issued a workaround for this to these lists a few weeks ago as part 
of the Windows 2000/XP Zapf Dingbats message. I also posted it as
a FAQ at the beginning of the Adobe User-to-User FrameMaker Forum.
It basically involves hacking your PPD files (for Acrobat and all
printers) to eliminate all references to fonts other than Courier.

In the meantime, if you want to use Helvetica, license and install it
on your computer.

        - Dov

At 12/21/2001 08:29 AM, Foster, David wrote:
>To save my FrameMaker documents as PDF, I'm printing to postscript (using
>the Acrobat Distiller printer driver). Helvetica (and possibly others) fonts
>are, evidently, unavailable, which causes the predictable messiness when
>it's time to print -- files that aren't already opened can't be opened for
>printing (because they use unavailable fonts), and when you do open them (by
>reformatting using available fonts), cross-references are broken.
>1. Is there a way to search a file for fonts that were substituted when the
>original was unavailable?
>2. Where can I see the fonts that are supported by the Acrobat Distiller
>printer driver?
>3. Is there a way to avoid this nonsense when switching between printing to
>a file (for PDF) and printing to a printer?

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