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Re: FrameMaker+SGML cashed when buidling a PDF

Hi Adrie,

I've occasionally had files with rogue errors like these. The MIF cleaning 
technique doesn't work, and there's some file glitch that persists, 
crashing Frame.

I've often been able to isolate the problem to a single page, paragraph, 
and even character. If the files aren't too long (or if the job is very 
important) try this. Print one page at a time to PDF (or use Save As if 
that's faster) until you see the error. Or split the file into sections, 
find the section with the error, and isolate it. Then edit it out.

Others may have different (and better) suggestions, but that's what I'd do. 
BTW, Frame 6 or 5.5?

Good luck,

Tom Neuburger

The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
ISBN 1-930597-01-0
On sale at www.bn.com

Adrie Berg wrote:

>We have a lot of FM files which we use to maintain technical documentation.
>The files are FrameMaker files (*.fm), but we use the SGML part to be able
>to check the content of the documents.
>Recently we encountered a problem with two of the files. We were unable to
>make a PDF file out of them. When trying to create a PDF on our SUN system
>we got a crash of FrameMaker. Creating the PDF on Windows2000 resulted in a
>message: Internal error 5564 and then a crash.
>Saving the files as MIF and then trying again didn't help. The documents we
>try to print are like others which print to PDF correctly.
>I tried printing to PDF using the print dialog and using the save as PDF
>option. Both gave the same error. Any suggestions are welcome.
>Adrie Berg

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