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FrameMaker+SGML cashed when buidling a PDF


We have a lot of FM files which we use to maintain technical documentation.
The files are FrameMaker files (*.fm), but we use the SGML part to be able
to check the content of the documents.

Recently we encountered a problem with two of the files. We were unable to
make a PDF file out of them. When trying to create a PDF on our SUN system
we got a crash of FrameMaker. Creating the PDF on Windows2000 resulted in a
message: Internal error 5564 and then a crash.

Saving the files as MIF and then trying again didn't help. The documents we
try to print are like others which print to PDF correctly.

I tried printing to PDF using the print dialog and using the save as PDF
option. Both gave the same error. Any suggestions are welcome.

Adrie Berg

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