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Re: FrameMaker+SGML cashed when buidling a PDF


The toc seemed to cause the problem. PDF-ing one page at a time showed that.
It was Frame 5.5. Recreating the TOC fixed the problem.


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From: "Thomas Neuburger" <thomasn@twelfthnight.com>
To: "Adrie Berg" <adrie.berg@daidalos.nl>; <Framers@FrameUsers.com>;
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Sent: Monday, November 26, 2001 15:18
Subject: Re: FrameMaker+SGML cashed when buidling a PDF

> Hi Adrie,
> I've occasionally had files with rogue errors like these. The MIF cleaning
> technique doesn't work, and there's some file glitch that persists,
> crashing Frame.
> I've often been able to isolate the problem to a single page, paragraph,
> and even character. If the files aren't too long (or if the job is very
> important) try this. Print one page at a time to PDF (or use Save As if
> that's faster) until you see the error. Or split the file into sections,
> find the section with the error, and isolate it. Then edit it out.
> Others may have different (and better) suggestions, but that's what I'd
> BTW, Frame 6 or 5.5?
> Good luck,
> Tom Neuburger
> The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
> ISBN 1-930597-01-0
> On sale at www.bn.com
> Adrie Berg wrote:
> >We have a lot of FM files which we use to maintain technical
> >The files are FrameMaker files (*.fm), but we use the SGML part to be
> >to check the content of the documents.
> >
> >Recently we encountered a problem with two of the files. We were unable
> >make a PDF file out of them. When trying to create a PDF on our SUN
> >we got a crash of FrameMaker. Creating the PDF on Windows2000 resulted in
> >message: Internal error 5564 and then a crash.
> >
> >Saving the files as MIF and then trying again didn't help. The documents
> >try to print are like others which print to PDF correctly.
> >
> >I tried printing to PDF using the print dialog and using the save as PDF
> >option. Both gave the same error. Any suggestions are welcome.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Adrie Berg

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