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Hint and question: Variable for product name in manual


We us a variable for our product name in our manuals. Onrof our manuals
reflects 3 products. So we publish 3 different product manuals where the
product name is respectively  Polaris, Saturn or Pyxis. It works fine much
better than conditional text. 

When we have to publish a new product manual we have to open one of the book
files open the name variable and type the new name. Then we import the
variable to the whole book.

However, it would be nice if we didn't have type the new variable name
whenever we had to make a new product manual. Suppose you could say if
conditional text is Polaris then use variable name "Polaris". That would be
nice. I don't think this is possible. Of course I could use conditional for
the hundreds of times the product name is mention in the manual. That method
is difficult and will result in product names being tagged incorrectly.

Please tell me if you have a genious way of attaching a variable to a
condition tag.
Best Regards

Verner Andersen
Documentation Manager
BarcoNet A/S
Tel +45 39 17 08 85
Fax +45 39 17 00 10

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