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Re: Table Numbering Plus

I think you have stumbled on a FrameMaker Bug that I've seen before. We had the
same problem with our illustration captions. Our captions were made by creating
a text frame inside the anchored frame holding the illustration.
The text would stop counting correctly for no apparent reason.
The fix was to recreate all the frames from scratch from the point at which the
numbering stopped working. To avoid the problem in the first place, we made sure
never top copy frames and create them from scratch each time.
This seems to have to do with how the frames are created and how FrameMaker
stores objects and then determines flow. I can only guess that at some point the
unique ID or some mechanism in FM to determine the flow of the document gets
corrupted and FM can no longer determine the order in which these objects appear
in the document.
Hope there's an easier fix for your problem, but it seems to me this is what
you're facing.

Eric L. Dunn

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