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Accessing files on Adobe's Website ...

Over the last two weeks, I have received both via these lists
and via personal email reports of problems accessing files from
the download sections of Adobe's web site.

Indeed, over the last few weeks there have been some real problems
associated with moving our store of web pages and files from one
"hosting" provider to another and numerous site architectural
changes associated with mapping web descriptions to actual 
downloadable files. In most cases, the symptoms were simply that
files appeared to be inaccessible or that downloads would time out.
The other symptom was that the download page for the Windows 
PostScript drivers was terribly mangled, precluding access to the 
latest version of the Universal Windows PostScript Driver Installer.

I forwarded your messages and banged on a few doors. With the help
of a number of hard working folks within Adobe, we believe that
these problems have been resolved. Obviously, there will be times
when internet traffic attempting to download files from Adobe will
make access more difficult, but those problems should be minimal
compared to the problems of the last few weeks and the prior "hosting"

On behalf of Adobe Systems, I thank you for your patience and apologize
for any and all inconveniences you may have experienced due to these
problems. If there were files you were attempting to download that you
were unable to access within the last few weeks, please try again. 
I will continue to forward any access issues that come into my email 
inbox to the appropriate Adobe.com folks.

	- Dov

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