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Re: frame indexing question

However, I have seen the following issue and would welcome an answer on how
to fix it. I use ITP to place (continued) on the top of the page for
carry-over of first level entries. If the entry has page references on its
level as well as enough sub-entries to carry over to the next page, you

> > punctuation, 1, 2              (actual links to the document)
> >   abbreviations, 91, 98
> >   comma, 76-77
> >   endnotes, 132
> > <page break>
> > punctuation, 1, 2 (continued)  (non-link characters)
> >   footnotes, 131
> >   lists, 119-120

In other words, ITP doesn't discriminate between

Fahrenheit 451
punctuation, 1

The carry-over to the top of thje next page is the same - straight
What we have had to do is to go through the finished index and delete the
characters from the document before PDFing it.
In addition, if your index is very large and deep, would anyone consider
carrying over both the first and second level entries?

Greg Hamill

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