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Re: [FrameSGML] Text Inset Bug in FM+SGML 6.0 and 5.5

At 04:04 PM 8/1/01 -0400, edunn@transport.bombardier.com wrote:
>If you are going to define the possible contents of FragWrapper, why not give
>the element a descriptive name and make it required in all cases. Procedure,
>Para0, or other.
I think it's better for it to be kept optional. In some cases, the document 
simply doesn't need wrappers (e.g., no text insets, no information reuse, 
no need to track effectivity or versioning, etc.) Furthermore, forcing it 
to be used might hinder the ways in which authors would like to use it. For 
example, there may be a table preceded or followed by Para, List, and other 
siblings, but the only thing that deserves metadata enrichment is the 
table, or, it may be that only the table is in a text inset, and the 
FragWrapper containing the text inset is inserted amid the other siblings. 
Or, in another case, only a selected subset of sequential siblings within a 
larger set of siblings is a candidate for information reuse, and should be 
wrapped so as to elevate their significance through metadata 
enrichment.  Or, it may be that the original author, under a tight 
deadline, doesn't want to get bogged down in entering all those attribute 
values in the enriched metadata, so (s)he or a specialists comes along 
later and metadata-enriches the signficant stuff simply by selecting and 
wrapping only the significant groups of elements.

In other words, the FragWrapper, with its enriched metadata, is applied 
judiciously chunks that are significantly more important than the glue text 
and other less significant stuff that may surround them.
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