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Re: Concerns about how to structure books


You need two books, but not really in the manner Jan suggests. Or, at least this
is the way it seems to me.

If for the on-line version you are planning to use PDF and need the following:

>>if you click on a chapter heading, you can open the chapter in the
>>right frame and view its subchapters in the folder structure in the left
>>frame. To be able to do that, each subchapter needs to be in a separate file
>>(this is the way our developers have made it, so there is no way to change
>>this). [...]

Quite simply this seems to be standard PDF bookmark functionality. The only
requirement you have added is the need for each subchapter to start at the top
of a page. There no need that I see for the subchapters (and I'm guessing you
mean sub headings) to be separate files.

>>Is what I want possible with just one book, or do I need two? Can it be done
>>using conditionality (I haven't tried that at all yet)?

What you need is one set of source files (in one book) and two templates.
For PDF version: Open book and on-line template, import formats, generate/update
book, create PDF.
For print version: Open book and print template, import formats, generate/update
book, print.

Major differences between templates will be "Start at top of page" for
subheadings, and perhaps page size to optimize on screen viewing.

If there are elements that you need to show or hide between versions, use
conditional text for these items and include the correct show/hide settings in
the templates. Although I'd recommend a third "working" template with "show all
conditions" in this case.

Jan's suggestion will work if it is absolutely necessary to have different files
(although I don't see why), but you will run into the text inset problems
discussed recently on the lists.

Eric L. Dunn

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