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Frame book file window behavior (Was: pdf bookmarks)

Good point, Hedley, and generalizable. The Frame 6 book file window behaves 
logically, but counter-intuitively if you're familiar with earlier versions.

Frame 6 book file actions operate on the files selected in the book file 
window -- format imports, searches, the lot. In Frame 5 and before, you 
merely made the book file window current and then did stuff. In Frame 6 you 
have to make the book file window current, *select the files to operate 
on*, and then do stuff.

Since much of the time you'll do things across all files in the book, I 
suggest making a habit of hitting Ctrl-A to select all files. I.e., make 
the book file window current, hit Ctrl-A, then select your action.

If you want to reduce your file selection to certain ones, do so. At least 
you'll be in the habit of making a selection. And it will stop you from 
wondering why those pesky imported paragraph formats didn't seem to get 
imported after all.


Tom Neuburger

The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
ISBN 1-930597-01-0

Softpro and Quantum in MASS
Bookpeople in Austin TX
Irvine Sci-Tech Books in CA

hedley_finger@myob.com.au wrote:

>To whom, etc.
>The book window behaves in strange ways.   If you select some of the files
>and then choose Format > Document > PDF Setup, the options you set will
>only apply to those files IF PRINTED INDIVIDUALLY.  You need to select the
>"parent" book filename at the top of the window, and then apply the PDF
>options, which are remembered when you save and close the book.
>We have been caught by this new behaviour many times and now routinely
>select the "parent" book and all the component files before doing ANY
>global action, such as book Find and Replace, setting PDF, etc.  The User
>Guide does not explain this very well and there could certainly be more
>feedback about the exact effect of your actions from the book window.

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