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Re: pdf bookmarks

To whom, etc.

The book window behaves in strange ways.   If you select some of the files
and then choose Format > Document > PDF Setup, the options you set will
only apply to those files IF PRINTED INDIVIDUALLY.  You need to select the
"parent" book filename at the top of the window, and then apply the PDF
options, which are remembered when you save and close the book.

We have been caught by this new behaviour many times and now routinely
select the "parent" book and all the component files before doing ANY
global action, such as book Find and Replace, setting PDF, etc.  The User
Guide does not explain this very well and there could certainly be more
feedback about the exact effect of your actions from the book window.


>Our department has run into a problem with one of our
>FrameMaker books when we create a pdf. We use the
>print option, selecting Distiller, and then we distill
>to pdf. For pdf set up, we select the paragraphs
>Heading1, Heading2, Heading3, and Heading4. The
>problem is that the resulting pdf file has a set of
>bookmarks that point to the TOC headings, as well as a
>set of bookmarks that point to the document headings.
>Since you can't even select TOC paragraphs in the pdf
>set up box, I can't figure out how the first set of
>bookmarks got there.  ...

With FrameMaker 6.0, you must actively select the paragraphs
to be used for bookmarks each time you print from a book
(in PDF Setup) and ALWAYS select OK (and not Cancel),
even if what you see is exactly what you need.

See the discussion of "Bookmarks in Books" in my review of
PDF-related aspects of FrameMaker 6.0

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