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Re: Conditional columns in tables?

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From: <Iamtherain@aol.com>
> Anyone know of a way to convert columns in a table--not rows--to conditional text?

This cannot be done without different types of workarounds:
Depending on how your table looks like and how you use conditions,
you may be able to put the column's content into another column,
and make part of the cell contents conditional.
Or, if you only need the left-most or right-most column(s)
conditional, you could possibly put the table into an anchored
frame and "crop" it, or use special tags which you turn into
white color.
Or, make two tables with different columns visible and cross-
reference the contents of the common, visible cells.

I have even tried to save a document to MIF, and specify a table
column as conditional by editing MIF statements. It sort of works,
up to a point, but the results are unpredictable.

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