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changing anchored frame properties

Hi Ron,

This involves working with MIF files. Not easy, but definitely doable. It involves search and replace for the key text, then changing each instance of that text, while watching that each context is right.

First, change one anchored frame and save the file. 

Then save the file as MIF, find the changed anchored frame setting and note the kind of code line it's in, and also the exact text of the setting (copy to a scratch text file).

Now find an instance of the frame setting you don't want, find the code line with the "wrong" setting, and replace it with the right one.

(If you want to test at this point, resave the file as text, open it in Frame, check the console for errors, and check your change. Then resave as MIF and proceed.)

Assuming your changes worked, or that you're confident (anyone remember the film Rustler's Rapsody?), start at the beginning of the file and set up a search and replace for the old setting text -> new setting text. 

Do not do a global replace, however. Just search for each instance, inspect the context enough to be sure you're touching only what you want to touch, and replace. 

Repeat until done, then save as text, open in Frame, check for errors, check the results, and serve. Feeds four.  

This is a generalizable technique. In the days before Frame 6 and in-Frame chapter renaming, I used it on book files a lot to rename book components while keeping the settings.

Good luck,

Tom Neuburger
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