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RE: changing anchored frame properties throughout document

Ron asked:
>I'm trying to figure out if there is any way to change all of the
>frames in my document (or book, if possible) from Insertion Point to
>Current Line in one fell swoop.  Is this possible, preferrably without
>Windows NT/2000
>Frame 6.0

Depending on how robust a plain-text editor you've got, editing the MIF
file is the only way I know. (One of the few useful uses for MS Word.)

Create a test file with one frame of each type: as is now, and how you
want it. Save to MIF. Open MIF file in a text editor and examine the two
frames to identify your required change. (print it out or create a
Notepad file with the two lines of ASCII for comparison)

Then, working on a copy of your project:
Save all doc file(s) to MIF format. 
Open in text editor (one that has a decent search-and-replace function,
and doesn't choke on zillion-page ASCII files; Win/Frame can do it if
you rename the MIF file to something other than a .MIF extension, and
open as plain text).
Set up your search:
	Search for the "Insertion Point" line of MIF code, and 
	Replace with the "Below Current Line" line of MIF code. 
Click Find and test ONE instance. Once correct, 
Change all in doc. 
Save document as Plain Text named filename.mif.
Test your total conversion for peace of mind by opening the MIF file in
FM and verifying results.

Repeat ad infinitum for as many files as you need to change. Best done
in a series so you don't forget the details and so Frame retains your
carefully set up search.


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