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Converting from Word

I'm sure there have been many discussions of the
converting-from-Word-to-Frame problem. I don't want to ask you all to repeat
yourselves. Where would I find the archives?

More specifically, I'd like to dig up the arguments for and against creating
documents in Word (so developers--unable to cope with Frame--can work on
them) and then later converting the docs to FrameMaker when the developers
are supposedly done with them. My prejudice is in favor of just working in
Frame and not allowing the developers to touch the docs directly at all, but
there must have been plenty of arguments about this already and I would
prefer not to recreate the wheel in discussions with my management.

 - SA


Sylvia Allen
alt: sylviaa@sirius.com
w: 415-369-0360 x214
h: 415-752-0446
home fax: 415-752-9051

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