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Re: How to get Frame-specified Web-safe colors to remain Web colors in distilled PDF?


Are you claiming that if you specify new colors under FrameMaker
with specific RGB values that they are not being honored? If that
is the case, what type of conversion are you seeing?

We are not aware of such a problem.

I tried an experiment:

I drew three boxes in FrameMaker using three colors that I defined
as RGB process colors. I then created a PDF file with Distiller options
that called for no color management or modifications, i.e., the "don't ph*ck
with me" settings!


        Color #1:  In FrameMaker R=20%,G=40%,B=60%;  In Acrobat 4.05c R=19.9%,G=39.8%,B=60.2%
        Color #2:  In FrameMaker R=50%,G=0%,B=50%;   In Acrobat 4.05c R=50%,G=0%,B=50%
        Color #3:  In FrameMaker R=75%,G=50%,B=25%;  In Acrobat 4.05c R=75%,G=50%,B=25%

Color in Acrobat was measured with PitStop 4.6.
Looks OK to me. Generated PostScript shows the same ...

Send me a sample FrameMaker document and resultant PDF file if you still 
have a problem.

        - Dov

At 12/8/2000 12:34 PM, Deborah Snavely wrote:
>Basic question:
>If the Frame doc has defined Web colors used throughout, how do I get
>Distiller to stop changing those colors in the PDF output?
>As part of a major template overhaul to coordinate with corporate
>re-branding and marketing look-and-feel, I've defined our corporate Web
>palette colors (web-safe, Netscape 216) in FrameMaker, and used them for
>such things as headings, notes, warnings, and hyperlinks in body text. 
>And then I distill the document, and Distiller converts my carefully
>specified 009933 and similar colors to generic blue, generic (screaming)
>RGB green, and so on. (If I wanted RGB spectrum colors, I'd have defined
>them in the Frame documents...sputter, sputter.)
>Windows 2000 Professional, FrameMaker 5.5.6/Windose, Acrobat 4.0.5
>Distiller, Acrobat Distiller printer driver that installed with the
>(newly installed) 4.0.5 suite. (Checking properties does NOT get me a
>version number for the driver.)
>Solutions tried:
>1 Changed Acrobat Distiller Job Options.../Color to accept colors
>unchanged. Same result.
>2 Playing with colors in Print Separations dialog in FrameMaker print
>dialog. Disables Acrobat settings and won't distill.
>3 Playing with the ICM settings in the Acrobat Distiller printer driver.
>Resulting PS file will not distill.  
>4 Read the Help in Acrobat Distiller on the subject of ICM and Color Job
>Options. No help.
>I bet one or more of you lovely folks has unscrewed this particular
>new-thing-I-gotta-learn more than once. I hope!
>Deborah Snavely

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