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Book Wide Variables (Was:RE: Re(2): Frame Wish List)

To me the question posed by Kevin and the subsequent answers are all off the
mark. While the suggestions may be  valid uses of book wide variables, there
should be no need to define book wide variables at all. Just implement the
feature and let each user define as many or as few variables as desired.

The implementation should be something along the lines of a variable dialog
accessible from the book window that would store variable names and values. In
the document, there would be a local variable list and a book variable list.
When the book is generated, the book variables in each document would then be
updated to be the same. To ensure that this is done before printing, FM should
warn about inconsistencies in book variables much like the color definitions or
conditional text settings (But the messages should be clearer than the current
uninformative inconsistency message).

Eric L. Dunn

PS: Highest on my wish list would be to make all building blocks valid in all
instances and to get rid of the distinction (limits) of user vs. system
variables (including the limit of 4 running headers and footers). Then get rid
of all instances of the <$ > syntax requiring hand entry.

>>What are some examples of other items
>>that would make good bookwide variables?
>>Title? Volume number (if you use that)...
>>what else would be handy on a bookwide basis,
>>or even just across a few chapters?
>>Everybody feel free to jump in with suggestions.

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