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Footnote Re: Frame-specified Web-safe colors in distilled PDF

Framers and Marilyn,

After applying this solution, I noticed that my screen colors while
using FrameMaker are much less WYSIWIG. The sky blue and screaming green
now live in my Frame files instead of the PDF.  BUT, I get the output I
need and I can live with the mildly incorrect colors. (Once again,
WYSIWYG isn't.) Just a little gotcha I thought I'd report.

Deborah Snavely
Document Architect, Technical Publications, 
Aurigin Systems, Inc. http://www.aurigin.com/ 
-----Original Message-----
this Windows-only hack requires that one's screen be set to view colors
in RGB, not CYMK.


Here is the solution:

Leave FrameMaker and edit the maker.ini file (or fmsgml.ini for FMSGML
and change the line that says:




Save and restart FrameMaker.

        - Dov
>At 12/8/2000 12:34 PM, Deborah Snavely wrote:
>>Basic question:
>>If the Frame doc has defined Web colors used throughout, how do I get
>>Distiller to stop changing those colors in the PDF output?
...defined our corporate Web
>>palette colors (web-safe, Netscape 216) in FrameMaker, and used them
>>such things as headings, notes, warnings, and hyperlinks in body text.

>>And then Distiller converts my carefully specified colors to generic 
>>blue, generic (screaming) RGB green
>>Windows 2000 Professional, FrameMaker 5.5.6/Windose, Acrobat 4.0.5
>>Distiller, Acrobat Distiller printer driver that installed with the
>>(newly installed) 4.0.5 suite. 

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