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RE: framers-digest V1 #494

Rick asked:
>He is using Times New Roman in his FrameMaker
>document. When he switches to the Acrobat Distiller printer to make
PDF, he
>gets the missing fonts message that says that Times New Roman will be
>replaced with Times. Why would switching to the Acrobat Distiller
>give this message? 


MS' Times New Roman is a TrueType font. Times is a PostScript font (the
one installed by FrameMaker or the one in every real PostScript printer
of the past decade, part of the basic 4 or 13 typefaces). Distiller
wants PostScript. One of the insanities of the Windows printer world is
that when you change the printer driver, you change the fonts available
to your document. If the doc styles were set up with Times NR...

You get the picture.

The Documentation Group here bought Adobe Type Basics several months ago
in preparation for the conversion to Acrobat 4.0, which is a whole lot
fussier about its PostScript sources than 3.0 was. (It's been
successfully fooled by emulated PS.)

Deborah Snavely
Document Architect, Technical Publications, 
Aurigin Systems, Inc. http://www.aurigin.com/ 

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