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OT: Frame/WWP guru job in Toronto Canada

Please accept my advance apologies for this off-topic job posting.

I manage the documentation group at Sitraka (formerly KL Group) in
Toronto Canada.  I'm currently looking to hire a tools-oriented tech
writer (actually more of a pub tools specialist and web / programming
hacker) and thought that someone subscribe to this list might be
interested (and qualified).

While there would be minimal writing responsibilities (ie editing and
fleshing out javadocs and other kinds of API references, etc), the main
job is to support the writing team in all manner of tools and publishing
systems development -- production / build systems for docs, implementing
Frame and WWP templates, implementing dynamic web publishing for product
docs, things like that.  XML, Perl, whatever.  A very unique and
tough-to-fill role!

Rather than waste everybody's time, check out the job posting on our
website for complete details:


Please feel free to contact me directly regarding this position.

Dave Truman                            Email: dave.truman@sitraka.com
 Manager, Technical Publications       Phone: 416.594.1026 x732
  Sitraka Software (formerly KL Group)        800.663.4723
  260 King St. E., Toronto, Canada       Web: http://www.sitraka.com
/** the Java advantage            /            reliable innovation */

>>> KL Group is now Sitraka - to find out more check out

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