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NEW bloat in PDF file sizes....

This is baffling me. I think something went strange when I wasn't looking...

Frame 6, Windows NT 4 (service pack 6)....

file          size
--------     -------
ose.ps         565 k
ose.pdf       1954 k
ose2.pdf      1926 k  (ose.pdf w/ file size optimization)

readmeux.ps   2409 k
readmeux.pdf   304 k

readmepc.ps    790 k
readmepc.pdf   251 k

probeppc.ps    143 k
probeppc.pdf   195 k

I'm using the same exact Distiller options for all of these. 
I actually turned the "generate acrobat data" OFF for the 
ose.pdf file, and it's STILL huge. By contrast, the readmeux.pdf
file HAS bookmarks.

The major difference between the files is that the ose.fm file includes a
bunch of screen shots. They're .bmp files imported at 
120 dpi. 

What's up with this?

(p.s. to Shlomo: thanks for the link to the Frame list archives.)

Ananda Stevens

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