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RE: NEW bloat in PDF file sizes....

> You are getting the bitmap in Postscript,

But the PDF file is four times the size of the Postscript 

I just tried another doc -- this one with 44 pages and tons of
graphics, all imported at 120 dpi...

tutorial.ps    is  7347 K
tutorial.pdf   is  6109 K
tutorial2.pdf  is  3613 K (tutorial.pdf saved w/ optimization)

This is with "generate Acrobat data" turned on. And here, the 
PDF files are *smaller* than the Postscript files. 

Still confused,


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From: Scott Turner [mailto:sturner@mail.airmail.net]
Sent: Monday, November 06, 2000 2:46 PM
To: Stevens, Ananda
Subject: Re: NEW bloat in PDF file sizes....

>The major difference between the files is that the ose.fm file includes a
>bunch of screen shots. They're .bmp files imported at
>120 dpi.

This is why. Bitmaps at that resolution are large. You are getting 
the bitmap in Postscript, but it is still bitmap, and it is at a 
resolution that has a lot of bits!

Scott Turner
CSI, Inc.
Engineering Services, Senior Technical Writer

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