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another reason to avoid ClearCase for pubs groups...

This just in from our IT department: 

> Rational's guideline for VOB size is 2500 elements per VOB.  
(Rational is the company that does ClearCase.)

As it happens, I did a file count on Friday. In our /vobs/pub 
directory, we have over 4500 files, including ~2400 graphics 
files and ~1200 Frame files. This is for about 15 books and 
60 release notes. Most of our docs have text shared with at 
least one other doc, and we single-source the online help. 
And this file volume was created by (averaging) 2.5 people
over 4 years. 

HTH if the ClearCase people come calling...

--Ananda Stevens
tech. pubs. specialist

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