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Another point of view

It's about Chita Hunter, the Adobe rep...

Once her presence was noted, the major reaction from us Framers has been something
on the order of  "I'm not impressed. Adobe/Frame (remember Frame Corp?) hasn't
listened to us in the past, and I don't believe they're going to begin listening

Perhaps we could tentatively believe that Adobe *is* listening, at least a little,
and that Chita is their reponse to our cries. Let's give her a chance.

I've been a FrameMaker user and enthusiast for ten years, and, along with the rest
of us,  I've experienced frustration bordering on despair at Frame's and Adobe's
lack of responsiveness and Adobe's seeming indifference to the product. I
understand where this response is coming from. But let's work with her and believe
that something good is happening until we see otherwise. (And what would
consitutue "good"-ness? How about a release in less than two years that addresses
a fair number of the more pressing concerns. I'm not going into what those are.
There've been a lot of well thought out wish lists on these lists over the years.)

-Rhea Tolman (AKA Pollyanna)

PS I don't belong to the Framers list, only to Free Framers, so feel free to post
this to Framers if you wish.

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