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Re: Another point of view

At 05:44 PM 10/21/00 -0700, Rhea Tolman wrote:
>It's about Chita Hunter, the Adobe rep...
>Once her presence was noted, the major reaction from us Framers has been 
>on the order of  "I'm not impressed. Adobe/Frame (remember Frame Corp?) hasn't
>listened to us in the past, and I don't believe they're going to begin 
>Perhaps we could tentatively believe that Adobe *is* listening, at least a 
>and that Chita is their reponse to our cries. Let's give her a chance.

The only way Adobe can convince many of us that they really is listening
is to describe a process that offers a reasonable chance of succeeding.

I outlined such a process in my earlier posting on this thread.

That process should offer a simple way for the installed base to submit, via
email, Requests for Enhancement (RFEs) and bug reports. It
should also include a way for the installed base, via email
or some other means, to provide input on prioritizing RFEs and
bug fixes to be included in the next release.

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