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Re : OS X (was Re: Windows ME)

I'm pleased and surprised with the reactions I got to my sort of humanist 

After my lengthy study on the virtues of FrameMaker and its users, Erica Chapin
wrote :

> Thank you for your sanity!

Everything that makes our minds work, and not only our perceptions and
feelings,helps us keep it.

That is why we will soon be launching a website coupled with a newsletter to
watch and analyze media insanity. Both will be made with FrameMaker, of course,
and any advice on automating an online flow of information and its paper layout
will be welcome.

Thanks to all for your private and public messages!

Slobodan Despot

E D I T I O N S  L'A G E  D'H O M M E
Paris   -    Lausanne    -   Belgrade

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