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Re: Future of FrameMaker - Wish List

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From: "Jo Baer" <jbaer@mailbox1.tcfbank.com>
> As long as Adobe is hard at work on future releases of FM ;-) perhaps
> they could add the ability to print master and reference pages. I'd like
> to be able to add these to our style booklet--I think it might help new
> writers understand our templates.

This is actually fairly easy to accomplish, even though it may
not be fool-proof. Save your file as MIF, edit all
  <PageType xxxxMasterPage>
  <PageType ReferencePage>
statements to read
  <PageType BodyPage>
instead. When you reopen the edited MIF document, you'll get extra
body pages at the beginning that actually are the (former) master
and reference pages with their original names. It's kind of neat
having a document with the body pages Right, Left, TOC, 1, 2, 3...

Don't use this MIF file for any actual work, though. You have
messed up the "real" master and reference pages. Just print the
pages you want and then forget about this MIF file.

I have not tested this for very complex document, but it should
work. If you're unlucky, FM might get confused and crash, so save
all files before performing this trick.

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