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virtual printer defaults to custom page size

Hello Mac-savvy Framers,
This is something that has been a thorn in my side for a long time now...

Can anyone tell me why the paper size always defaults to custom when I 
print to the Virtual Printer (a plug-in for Adobe PS 8.5.1)?
I am using Frame 5.5.6 Mac OS 8.6.

While we are at it, my print shop requests that I set the options to 106
lines per inch and 600 dpi. When I set the printer to the Virtual Printer
instead of my trusty little HP 2100 TN, that is no longer one of the listed
choices under File>Page Setup>FrameMaker 5.5 Power PC. What I have been
doing, is leaving the printer set to my aforementioned HP hardware, selected
the 106 lpi/600 dpi option, then I change to the Virtual printer and reset
the page size to letter instead of the bizarre custom page size that I get
by default. Are my settings for lpi and dpi retained? it seems like they
are, because when I go back to page setup, it shows that the FrameMaker 5.5
Power PC options are now custom. When I come back to a file after a few
weeks or whatever, though, my settings seem to be lost, and I have to go
through all the hoops again to get my doc pdf'd.

Any explanations? suggestions?
Lori Martin

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