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Formatting index entries


I'm setting up an idex for the first time and have run into two problems in
particular that I cannot solve.

1. The default Index marker creates two entries for what I want to be one
entry. For example, I create the entry "peregrine falcon," update the index,
and find an entry for "peregrine" and another for "peregrine falcon." I
worked around this by creating a custom marker called Index1, but I'd like
to use Index so as not to risk confusing the writers on my team. How do I
stop this problem?

2. For all of the entries in the generated index, there is one space between
the last letter of an entry and the comma separating the letter from the
page number. How do I get rid of that space without removing it manually?

If there are any archives where I might find the answers, please direct me
to them.


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