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RE: EPS for Windows?

Each file on a Macintosh is actually two files: the resource fork and the
data fork.  On a Mac, the preview is stored in the resource fork but the
PostScript code is stored in the data fork.  When files get moved to a PC
the resource fork is left behind, hence the grey boxes, because there isn't
any preview.  The advice to save as EPS in Windows format is correct, as a
low-resolution preview is embedded in the file itself.  The EPSI format is
similar but found only on UNIX platforms.

As far as I know, FM on ALL platforms can read and display EPSI and Windows
EPS graphics.


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> From:	Bonni Graham [SMTP:bgraham@manuallabour.com]
> Sent:	Tuesday, February 08, 2000 1:20 PM
> To:	framers@FrameUsers.com
> Subject:	Re: EPS for Windows?
> You're missing something.  Frame for Windows does support EPS files, but
> any EPS file is viewable on screen only via an embedded TIFF preview. The
> Mac version of this preview differs from the WIN version; thus, boxes (the
> tif file itself does not, although sometimes Frame/Windows has problems if
> the extension is TIFF rather than TIF).  Open the EPSs in Illustrator or
> Freehand and save with a WIN preview.
> At 04:31 PM 2/7/00 -0600, Bill Fetzner wrote:
> >We've been using Frame on a Mac platform and importing a lot of eps
> files,
> >generally from Freehand. For reasons related to our product lines, we're
> >moving to the pc. When I bring up those old files containing eps
> graphics,
> >all I get are gray boxes. The tif graphics in the same file seem okay.
> Also,
> >I found that if I convert the eps files to a tif format, that works fine
> >too. It seems that Frame for Windows does not support eps graphics. Is
> that
> >correct or am I missing something? 
> > 

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