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Make that puppy SIT!

Hi all,

It's mental block time.

A medium-small anchored frame contains a filled-rectangle 
as background and a text frame over that background.

How do I persuade that frame:

1) to live outside the main flow area (in side-head 

2) to have the top of the frame always be even 
   with the insertion point on the page 

3) to force the frame and its associated main-flow 
   paragraph to the next page, if there's not enough 
   room on the current page?

As usual, my non-Frame-friendly brain doesn't see 
the answer in the docs.

Here's the extended explanation of what I'm trying 
to do, if the above is insufficient:
My layout is single-column with "room for side-heads".
In addition to headings, I've previously put little 
graphic items like Warning and Caution icons in the 
side-head space.  Works fine, but they were small...

Now, I've started putting some colored-background 
text boxes out there, to highlight and expand on 
items in the main flow. To keep them WITH the relevant 
part of the text flow, I used anchored frames set 
for "Outside of Column". My insertion point is 
always at the beginning of a body paragraph. The 
text box (in its frame, with its colored background) 
would start alongside the main-flow para that 
contains the insertion point and extend down the 
side-head region, some arbitrary length.

It seemed to work fine until I did some re-flowing.
Now that some of the insertion points have slid down 
their respective pages, the associated text-box frames 
start way, way up the page and continue some arbitrary 
amount past the main-flow paragraph with the insertion 

That is, the anchored frame seems to "care" only 
loosely that it be near its main-flow insertion 
point. It'll stay on the same page, but otherwise 
seems happy to slide up or down, as long as some 
part of it's length is sorta near the insertion point.
"Sorta near" is not really good enough.

I can pull each one into position (they won't drag, 
but they can be "tricked" by judicious resizing), but 
that lasts only until the main-flow text happens to 
reflow again.

It's probably explained in excruciating detail under 
a keyword I haven't thought of, but...  any suggestions?

Thank you.


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